Monday, February 2, 2009

Just to reinforce my point...

If anyone doubts that holding game journalism up to the same standards as mainstream journalism isn't important, I invite you to watch this, er, "enlightening" exposé on World of Warcraft lingo:

To borrow a Zappa-ism, broadcast journalism is not dead--it just smells funny.

Note: The original video was removed by YouTube. Above is a slightly edited version.


  1. Oh yeah man, I was totally DKing Nap w/fswordz. OoPs don't stop the pwn. KekekekekKEKEk!!!11!!!!1!ONe!!!!1!

  2. Yeah, I saw a promo for this during the Super Bowl and got very confused about why they would tell a story that was already several years old. Oy.


  3. video no longer exists due to copyright laws