Saturday, February 4, 2012

An addendum

I just wanted to expand on why I decided to use Flattr, and why I think it's so important. I didn't want to make it sound like I was just raging against SOPA and PIPA some more, because I think we've all had enough of that for awhile.

We live in an age where everyone has the ability to create and express themselves–and to post their creations to the Internet, where they instantly gain worldwide exposure. At first it was limited to blogs, but now we have YouTube, Flickr, SoundCloud, and too many other sites to mention where people can share their thoughts, photos, songs, and whatever else.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I am now using Flattr.

Flattr is a radical new way for people to support the blog writers, YouTube producers and musicians who upload their content to the web. If you are as frustrated as I am by the greed of major media producers (such as their attempts to get SOPA and PIPA passed) then this is a powerful way to send them a message. Check it out: